Saturday morning I found one of the neighboring yard’s cactus flowers pretty well inundated with bees, and posted about it here with video links on L.A. Metblogs.

Sure enough by Saturday night all but one of the remaining cactus blooms  opened up, none of which were ideally situated to capture the nocturnal blossoms in all their glory (like I did last year). That last blossom was perfectly positioned and by late this afternoon it was just beginning to unfurl and so in-between grilling a tri-tip I hustled to set up my cam to record a snap every 15 seconds.

If the laptop doesn’t crash or a raccoon doesn’t knock the camera or the light over or any combination of the three, I’m hoping to have a 12-hour Quicktime timelapse to show tomorrow.

UPDATE (08.11): Oh well, I’m not totally surprised that the computer crapped out and quit taking images at midnight. I think it’ll still a pretty cool timelapse that I’ll compile and post later this evening.