DeeVeeFeever — Catch It!

With steaks grilling on the barbecue yesterday afternoon, my Susan came up with an excellent plan. A couple days earlier I’d mentioned November was coming and since I needz me some Death Valley at least once a year and had yet to go get some in 2008, of course that should totally mean a quick out-and-back trip  like we did last year to Eureka Dunes.

My thoughts were to head out same as we did in 2007 around the Veterans Day weekend… driving out Friday night and coming back Sunday morning — literally a 24-hour turnaround’er. But Susan said, how about this: since we’re not traveling outta state this time around, why not have dinner at our house on Turkey Day and then drive out Friday morning with them-there dawgs to the dunes and come back Sunday morning.

“That’s brilliant!” I said.

And this time, unlike my first two visits, I’m trekking to the top of the sandpile!