Red Hole Sun, Won’tcha Come

With Susan up in Redding visiting her folks this weekend, and me needing to fend for myself in regards to dinner, last night I took a slight deviation via my ride home to stop at El Campero at Union and Olympic to pick up some of their delectable chicken. After acquiring said sustenance and loading it into my backpack for the remaining few miles home, I headed west on Olympic and across Alvarado toward Hoover where, after a slight southerly bend in the road, I found myself staring at an awesome setting sun that was dropping through the remains of the marine layer that had cloaked the city most of the day. To top it off, either a news or law enforcement helicopter that was little more than a distant dot in the sky, kept flying across the reddish hole in the gray for the LA equivalent of an Apocalypse Now poster moment.

It was awesome enough that I’m planning on returning to that spot tonight with my Canon Rebel, a tripod and my 300mm lens in hopes of capturing an encore. Certainly there’s no way of knowing if the meterological conditions will repeat, but at around 6:45 p.m. we’re going to find out.

Here’s the YouTube version of the yesterday evening’s timelapse: