100 Things I Did This Morning Before 8:30 a.m.

  1. Wake up
  2. Get up
  3. Go to the bathroom
  4. Check gmail
  5. Post response to comments on wildbell.com from friends Mr. Rollers and Manny
  6. Post another retort to latest deathless bike-hating troll here on YouTube
  7. Check cnn.com; read various stories
  8. Get a cup of coffee
  9. Drink it
  10. Assemble and plug in new cordless portable WaterPik (required 16-hour charge time before first use)
  11. Assemble and plug in new Sonicare toothbrush (required 24-hour charge time before first use)
  12. Check the backyard for unauthorized critters
  13. Find none
  14. Take in the breaking day
  15. Let the dogs out in the backyard for their morning pee/poop/romp
  16. Check cbs2.com; read various stories
  17. Start typing this post
  18. Go down to truck in garage to retreive iPhone where I left it in the truck
  19. Plug in my iPhone to recharge it because morning alarm running continuously for about an hour drained it
  20. Check laobserved.com, laist.com, la.metblogs.com; latimes.com; read various posts and stories
  21. Remember that the Dodgers won yesterday – yay!
  22. Take out recyclables
  23. Put dishes away
  24. Get a second cup of coffee
  25. Play fetch with Ranger until Ranger gets distracted by a squirrel
  26. Empty and refill outdoor water bowl
  27. Fill water can and water half the backyard potted plants
  28. Refill water can and water the other half
  29. Clear leaves and debris off the hammock
  30. Pick-up the previous day’s and morning’s dog poop, as well as the fig leaves that have started falling
  31. Walk face first through a spider web
  32. React accordingly
  33. Check tortoise
  34. Scoop the cats’ litter box
  35. Refill indoor water bowl
  36. Pour out what’s left of Bink’s water bowl into foyer ficus; refill and replace on nightstand in bedroom
  37. Refill  Bink’s food bowl
  38. Refill main dry catfood bowl in dining room
  39. Refill dogs food bowl
  40. Play a little more fetch with Ranger
  41. Get newspaper
  42. Continue typing this post
  43. Grumble about the new forks for Le Noir being juuuuust short and then take Le Noir down to store in the garage
  44. Retrieve my Giant roadie from the garage and bring to foyer
  45. Reinstall front and rear lights
  46. Give Susan a good morning hug and kiss
  47. Pump tires
  48. Dismantle floor pump when it starts leaking and reassemble it; it stops leaking, FTW.
  49. Gather snack/lunch items for the day — Marie Callender’s entree, yogurt, Luna bar, banana and two Diet Pepsis
  50. Choose work pants and shirt
  51. Remove $468 dentist receipt from backpack and give to Susan for possible 2008 medical expense deduction
  52. Check Twitter
  53. Type more of this post
  54. Succumb to Jiggy’s unstoppable need to be petted
  55. Join all animals in kitchen as Susan prepares their morning breakfasts
  56. Watch Pumpkin freak out and run into bedroom where he’s pursued by Ranger, which freaks Bink out forcing him to dive off the bed and under it
  57. Remark about that chain of events
  58. Rinse cat and dog dishes, put in dish rack to dry
  59. Rinse coffee carafe, put in dish rack to dry
  60. Dump used coffee grounds
  61. Rinse filter basket, put in dish rack to dry
  62. Tell Susan I’m going to invite mom over this weekend to watch Bill Murray’s “Razor’s Edge” with us; she’s cool with that
  63. Tell her that preliminarily it looks like I won’t be participating in Friday’s RIDE-Arc ride
  64. Take out non-recyclable trash
  65. Put new trash bag in kitchen can and another in litterbox can
  66. Put work clothes, food items  and newspaper in backpack
  67. Unplug iPhone and put in backpack with wallet after counting cash on hand: $24
  68. Give Susan a goodbye kiss remind her the vice presidential debate is tonight
  69. Listen as she reminds me “Survivor” is tonight, too
  70. Shower
  71. Dry off
  72. Decide not to shave because I shaved yesterday
  73. Brush and waterpik and floss and use mouthrinse
  74. Apply deodorant
  75. Apply hair gel
  76. Brush hair
  77. Skeptically apply Axe body spray I impulse bought yesterday
  78. Immediately regret that purchase
  79. Choose boxer briefs and administer
  80. Choose socks and administer
  81. Choose bike shirt and administer
  82. Eye the bike pants I’ve worn all week
  83. Administer sniff test and decide they’ve got another day of wearability and so administer
  84. Put on bike shoes
  85. Type up the rest of this post and publish, after which I will:
  86. Put on sunglasses, sweatband, gloves, helmet and backpack
  87. Turn on Sirius Radio’ Chill Channel on the boombox in study for ambient noise; illusion that someone’s home
  88. Go to kitchen and close/lock windows
  89. Make sure back door is locked and petdoor is open
  90. Get jerky treats for dogs
  91. Pet Pumpkin having a snack in the dining room
  92. Gather dogs in living room, request they sit, praise them when they do and award jerky treats
  93. Bid them farewell
  94. Remember to open garage to retrieve keycard with with to access service entrance at office
  95. Exit the house with Giant OCR roadie
  96. Appreciate that it seems cooler than the last couple days
  97. Pet Pepper sitting in his morning spot on the porch
  98. Lock front door
  99. Enter garage, retrieve keycard, close garage door
  100. Begin biking 15 miles to work