Sheeeee’s Baaaaaack!

In a weird turn of events one of the two packages I most recently ordered from containing items needed for the resurrection of Le Noir ended up at my previous place of employment. I found this out when my cell phone rang yesterday near noon and it was a voice I’d last heard about three years ago saying “Howdy stranger,” and as I did not recognize the voice I asked “Who’s this?” and the voice told me and after a couple seconds to place the name because I’ve pretty much blocked the names and voices of everyone there whether they were my friend or my enemy I repeated the name in a “Whoa?” tone and then the voice told me of all things that a package with my name on it had been delivered there and I was like “What!?” and then “Is it from Nashbar?” and she said it was and I was all “Whoa!”

Then I realized what happened was Nashbar’s database must’ve hiccup’d and called that delivery address up, because when I used to work at that address I used to have all my stuff delivered there up until 2004 when a $300 pair of Bose headphones was delivered by UPS on MLK day and left unattended and stolen and all the boss lady got bothered about was the fact that I blogged a big old WTF about how no one gave a shit that I was ass-out $300. After that I never had anything delivered there again.

Until yesterday, inadvertently.

So I wondered how I might go about picking it up and it was decided the package would be left at security wherein I could arrive and retrieve it, and I was like “Cool!”

Then I called Nashbar and was all “WTF!?” telling them I’d long ago gone into my account settings and deleted that address from my shipping preferences and the customer service rep was all “Well that doesn’t necessarily delete it from the database,” and I said “Clearly!” and “How the hell do we delete it?” and the rep said “Well you have to place an order,” and I said “Well I don’t need anything right now except the package that you had delivered to an address I never wanted to visit ever again.” and the rep said “Well, hmmmm, maybe I can open a new order and delete it,” and I said “Well, in that case I’d like to order a Nothin’ please, Extra Large with Free Old Address Deletion” and then I heard here typing on the keyboard for a bit until she said “It’s taken care of” and I said “You sure?” and she said “I’m sure.” And I said “OK then.”

This morning I went to that address and it was weird. Sure in my bikings through Griffith Park I’ve gone past the place many times, but I’d made a point never to set foot on those grounds again, so let’s just say I didn’t waste any time grabbing the misdelivered box and getting the hell outta there.

But all’s well that ends well. With the crown race remover I was able to disengage the crown race from the too-small forks, and with the crown race setter I was able to reinstall it on the new forks (that were delivered to the house just as every other order has been from Nashbar) and then everything else fell into place.