Notes On A Scorecard

Gametime: LSU v. BamaYesterday’s match-up against the Tigers at Louisiana State University was a much-anticipated and crucial game in Alabama’s quest for a national college football championship. They don’t call Tiger Stadium “Death Valley” for nothing as it’s one of the toughest places in the college football landscape for visiting teams to win.

Throughout the course of the game (which Susan wisely chose not to experience and instead ran errands) I watched, I yelled, I cursed, I sat, I stood, I flounced, I flailed, I cheered, I yelled, I cursed, I cheered, I paced, I threw my hat. But when all was said and done the Crimson Tide emerged with a 27-21 win in overtime and while not a dominating victory, nevertheless remains undefeated and will thus maintain (despite naysayers) its No. 1 Bowl Championship Series ranking.

Coming up, Alabama will host Mississippi State next week, and if they don’t get caught looking past that game to fierce rival Auburn the week after they very well could close out the season 12-0.  Then they’ll face their biggest challenge in Florida for the SEC championship. Emerging victorious from that, they’ll play whoever’s No. 2 for all the marbles.

Anyway, through the course of the game yesterday I couch-commented on Twitter via my iPhone. Here’s that stream of non-conscientiousness listed in first-to-last chronological order:

  1. Bama/LSU gametime; had to get my hat!
  2. Dammit! Bama’s first drive: denied
  3. LSU, meet Bama defense! Hurt, don’t it?
  4. LSU defense, now meet Bama’s o-line. Touchdown!
  5. Ok, I’ll admit nice play LSU. 7-7
  6. Dammit Bama fumble @&$””&$0
  7. LSU taking advantage of Bama FAILS 14-7
  8. Enjoying the little victories: first down Bama!
  9. &$/!?@@!!$ another Bama interception
  10. Gah! Bama misses fieldgoal. I can haz sedativz?
  11. Baaama pik taken to the house! 14-14
  12. HA! LSU missed fieldgoal leaves us tied 14-14 at the half
  13. Touchdown alabamaslammalamajamma
  14. Bama DEFENSE gets the interception! Roooooll Tiiiiiiiide!
  15. 3 quarters down, 1 to go. Bama up 21-14.
  16. Well, LSU ain’t quitting. TD tigers 21-21.
  17. Bama TC called back on holding call. Sadness
  18. TC = TD; fack you iPhone
  19. 2:58 on the clock and LSU’s ball; not where I want Bama to be. Hold ’em Tide!!!!!
  20. Bama gets ball back with 2:00 on the clock be great field position
  21. Go get the win bama. It’s right there. Take it. It’s all yours!
  22. Dammit to hell. LSU blocks game-winning FG. We’re going to OT
  23. WE WIN! 27-21
  24. BAMA takes it to LOSE-ee-anna!
  25. We now return to our regularly scheduled human being.