Death To All Cowardly Lion-Hating Troll Bastards

Coming up on four years ago I spewed out and posted An Unfathomable Find a pretty raw reaction to what I found online in the wake of the news of two mountain lions being found dead near Valencia that may have been intentionally poisoned.

I suppose the emotion I expressed comes in part from mountain lions having had my respect and admiration longer than any other creature on this planet, in part because I can remember as a child seeing some nature film (one of Disney’s “True Life” adventures, maybe?) that pretty much unblinkingly showed a mountain lion hunt that ended with the creature trapped in a tree and shot dead. Already being so happy-ending oriented I remember even up to the end expecting the lion to somehow escape the pursuit, and I broke into sobs as the gun fired and the beautiful cat plummeted to the ground.

To this day, whenever a mountain lion is destroyed (such as the one that reportedly killed and injured several pets in the San Gabriel Valley last week), I’m initially saddened and then quick to jump in with a point of view that differs from those who solely fault the big cat:

Responsibility for the pets’ deaths and injuries is relative. To strictly lay blame and fault at the dead mountain lion’s paws is to incorrectly absolve any residents in the area whose actions or inactions brought the desperate predator out of its drought-stricken natural habitat to exploit the accessible food source it found.

While I empathize with those who’ve had pets hurt or killed, it’s important to remember that what we in communities adjacent or among native animal populations do or don’t is as much if not more contributory to the tragic destruction be the animal a beloved domestic or a magnificent mountain lion.

But annnnnyyyyyyywaaaaaaaay, I’m rambling all that up because that page had a visitor this morning.

While most of my long-form pages around here sit on the server unmolested, occasionally someone’ll take a peek for reasons or search strings known only to them and The Google. Rarer still is it when a comment is left, which is just what some skidmark did after deciding to display his ignorance by offering an opposing point of view:

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Comment: Death to all lions

I deleted it from a gut reaction and then I was sorry I did, thus this post. Because I would rather shine a spotlight on the stupidians of this world, even if it’s from some 14-year-old  testicle wart from the United Kingdom.

But now I’m off to wipe the residual slime from the virtual door and hose the trail off before it dries. If I wait ’til it gets all caky, I’ll need to break out the chisel and the paint thinner.