I have a two-day conference I’ll be attending for work in Newport Beach at the end of next week. You had to know I’d look at getting there and back car-free, and you had to figure I’d find a way to do so:

  • Bike to Union Station
  • Take Metrolink’s Orange County Line to Santa Ana station (one-way fare: $8.50)
  • Bike From Santa Ana station to Newport Beach Hyatt (roughly 18 miles utilizing the Santa Ana River Bikeway and PCH)
  • Or bike from Santa Ana station along surface streets and save about five miles… but maybe add them back in a detour that explores nearby Irvine’s purportedly plush pedaling pathway network.

Returning home Saturday evening would essentially be the reverse except the weekend return trip Metrolink fare is only $6.50.

PS. Having my bike so as to be able to get up early Friday and Saturday mornings and go for sunrise bike rides around Newport and its back bay? Priceless.