One Toy Solja Rides Away…

When I made a quick stop in the costume/party shop on my way in to work Friday morning, I was really just hoping to find an extra large-sized santa hat that would fit over my helmet. There was one that would have almost worked and it was $19, then the sales dood said he had a full santa suit for $40 and I said lemme check it out and in the course of doing so I discovered the hat included with the entire get-up had an even better shot at covering my brain bucket so I said SOLD!

And thus — having already decked out the bike frame with holiday lightz and a little tree on the back rack — for pretty much the first time in my history as a long-standing (though lately a somewhat less enthused) supporter of Midnight Ridazz, I went total costume (minus the crappy straps-around-the-ears beard) for Friday night’s annual Toy Ride:

And it was gooooooood!

PS. Here’s the timelapse of the ride as captured by my handlebar cam:

Merry Xmaz!