Things I did yesterday when I finally got my ass up and on my way:

1) Took truck to gas station to put air in the left rear tire, which has had a reeeeeeeaally slow leak for about a year (note to self: I should reeeeeeeaally get that patched).

2) Went to Orange 20 Bikes to pick up my mountainbike, which now has new forks, a headset and stem.

3) Went to Home Depot to get something to stickify the long- slippery patch of concrete around the southwest corner of the house (the better for the workmen demo’ing the upstairs not to slip ‘n fall). Ended up settling on floor paint with an abrasive added to it. PS. On the home project front, Susan’s ably chroniclizing the work that was begun this week.

4) Leaving Home Depot I witnessed the absolute chaos that happens when a person drives in and tells the horde of day laborers that he needs two of them. Total madness of everyone trying to dive into the backseat at the same time.

5) Costco run (but I made the mistake of deciding to get from Hollywood to the Atwater Village store via Los Feliz Boulevard even though I knew better; eastward motion between Vermont and Riverside in a word: glacial).

6) Got a haircut that was so long overdue I just told the barber to shear off about five pounds. Trouble is now I’m gonna look somewhat like a graying Sluggo for the next couple weeks, but at least my neck isn’t sore from carrying around all that excess weight.

7) Rode the mountainbike around the way for pretty much the first time since May 29, 2006, as a test to make sure she was trail-ready enough for my first offroad ride since that same day and year.

7) Later on, Susan and I watched  the awesome Margarito v. Mosley welterweight champsionship fight on HBO and I still haven’t stopped laughing at the commentator who said “Mosley’s hit Margarito with everything but the stool and the referee.”