Head In The Clouds


My mountainbike and I climbed the Verdugos again today. Third straight weekend I’ve paid a visit to Tongva Peak. Guess I’m making up for lost time seeing as three years had gone by since I’d last cranked up them.

Crank indeed. My math is shaky but with a 1,400-foot elevation gain over the 2.8 miles between the Beaudry trailhead and Tongva, that seems to roughly translate into a 9% grade. Given the stormy conditions, I had the trail mostly to myself and it didn’t take me long until I was granny-gearing through the clouds.

It was nice up there at Tongva. I’d expected visibility to be nil, but the storm was beginning to break up and one could see all the way to the coastline and the sunlit waters of the bay beyond it. Beautiful.