The Mac Is Back

Today would be the two-week anniversary of me dropping off my iMac at the Glendale Apple Store, to replace a failing logic board, but fortunately the work was completed and I was able to retrieve it Saturday.

I’d written about the issues I had with being forced into paying for a data transfer option by the tech at the store’s Genius bar when I delivered the desktop, and then again about the additional issues that resulted from a call from a tech who had wondered mistakenly why my computer had no RAM in it and expressed little confidence the data transfer — that I considered entirely unnecessary in the first place — was going to be successful.

In the end it all worked out. The new board was installed and a test-fire of the computer showed all my files still alive, and when I went to to begrudingly pay the $50 donation to Steve Jobs’ Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund data transfer fee I was pleasantly surprised to hear from the tech that there would be no charge. I wasn’t told why and I frankly I didn’t care. I just appreciate that Apple could’ve taken my money and decided to do the right thing.