We Are Marshal!

I got all hyped up about the Tour of California coming to town and with it the greatest field of professional cyclists ever gathered together in the United States and decided to volunteer as a course marshal. While I’d been hoping to be positioned somewhere around the Rose Bowl, instead I was assigned to marshal the section of street in front of 4318 Commonwealth Avenue in La Cañada-Flintridge, some four miles away from the stadium. This actually worked out better. Since there weren’t many other spectators other than a few residents and my fellow marshals, my duties consisted of me having to do not all that much but stand in my orange volunteer shirt and cheeer them on when they passed.

So I set up my spare cam on a mailbox across the street and captured just that as they whizzed past.

UPDATED (9:55 p.m.): After a meticulous frame-by-frame review of the footage I found what seems likely to be legendary cyclist Lance Armstrong looking over to say hey to me as he pedals past, and me totally ignoring him (annotated and clickable for your enjoyment):