I Witness


So yeah, that’s the aftermath of the accident I witnessed at 3rd and Commonwealth this morning.  The driver of the blue Subaru was turning left from 3rd to go south on Commonwealth when it was struck by the beige Ford coming east on 3rd. I rolled up on the scene to help and called 911 at the request of the driver in the Subaru and also because the passenger in the Ford was exhibiting some distress and complaining of chest pain.

From past experience I know how much being a witness to a traffic accident can suck, but not nearly as much as being in an accident without any witnesses stepping up so of course I provided contact info to both parties as we awaited the arrival of the police and fire departments. I also waited until the police got around to taking my statement.

While I’d hazard that both vehicles are totaled, it appears fortunately that all persons involved escaped with no serious injuries. Certainly and thankfully there was nothing observed externally that resulted. The young man driving the blue Subaru didn’t seem more than shaken up, and what I expect wasn’t more than  a precautionary measure, the elderly couple in the beige Ford were transported to a hospital by attending paramedics.

It’s always a shame that accidents have to happen, but any can be walked away from are the best kind, so here’s hoping everyone involved did and I’m glad I was there to be of some service.

If you wanna hear what the impact sounded like (captured via the voice recorder I just happened to be carrying to test it out — yes, a replacement that arrived last night for the one stolen from me last week), then click here for an audioclip of what I like to call the whoa!smash followed by me telling no one in particular that I “Saw that happen… Totally saw that happen!” before rolling in to begin checking if everyone was all right.