Hole In The Wall, Gang

Progress. This photo’s already outdated because the contractor and his crew have taken out the space heater and framed out the landing for the staircase that will reconnect the first floor with the second inside the house for the first time in more than 58 years.

We’re bringing it down into what was our bedroom (we’re presently sleeping in the diningroom during this phase). Originally the staircase came down through the opposite side into the front of the house but when it was turned into a multi-unit dwelling in 1950 they put in a door and built an exterior staircase and added a bathroom in the old stairs’ place for what became one of the studio/bachelor apartments (now our study). Rather than remove that existing asset, we decided to find a new if unconventional path for the stairs. Thus the bedroom will become a large sitting room that we may pretentiously refer to as the “conservatory” should we opt to move my mother’s piano out of the livingroom and into there. We’ll see.