Pit Stop II

On the heels of last week’s “Pit Stop” in South Los Angeles while on the way to work, I had another last night coming home through the Crestview neighborhood near Venice and La Cienega boulevards — specifically under the 10 Freeway overpass.

She was a big bold beauty. Had a collar but no tags. She was traveling with another smaller dog noses to the sidewalks and gutters in search of food. The little one didn’t hesitate to run off from me when I pulled to a stop, but the pit, though warily skittish, didn’t bolt.

Pit Stop II

And when I poured my requisite bag of kibble out onto the concrete she came right up to chow down, though she’d shy away from me if I made any moves to dismount my bike.

Eventually she calmed enough to accept my company and she rewarded me with her closeness and some kisses in between gobbles of food until it was all gone and she left to continue her search while I continued pensively on my way home.

Here’s the timelapse video from my handlebar cam.