Outside this morning while watering our side garden parched by yesterday’s surprise heatrush, I glanced up at the location of the dove-destroyed sparrow nest I wrote about yesterday, and off to the side I found what I first thought was perhaps a large remnant of that nest, wedged against the waterheater vent pipe that goes up the house siding.

Later on I went up to the second floor not sure if it was within arm’s reach from out the bedroom window, but sure enough, after cantilevering myself out somewhat awkwardly I was able to grab it.

Turns out it wasn’t a remnant of that first nest at all. I’m not sure how I missed it until now as it’s totally in plain sight, but it’s a separate and abandoned nest entirely, heartbreakingly replete with two decimated eggs not much bigger than the size of my thumbnails that showcase yet again how so much hard work can go for nothing (click to enlarge):