More Mileage! More Fun!

With the exception of last year’s Bike To Work Day where there was a sponsored pit stop basically around the corner from my house, my various routes to my various work places over the various Bike To Work days over the various years have left me a geogrpahical outcast in terms of partaking of the scheduled shwag ‘n snack spots set up to serve any passing bike commuters.

So this year I’m making up for all the lost pit stops past by leaving eeeearly tomorrow morning to give me plenty o’ time to hit all six stations downtown and one in Culver City:


  • Jennie Cooks Catering Company, 3048 Fletcher Drive
  • Union Station, East Portal
  • Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Main Street
  • Ronald Reagan Building, 300 S. Spring Street
  • LA County Bike Coalition Headquarters, 634 S. Springs Street
  • LA Trade Tech College, 400 Washington Blvd


  • Starbucks, 9718 Washington Blvd, Culver City

Knowing me as well as you do, of course I’ve already plotted the journey, which as you can see below will add more than 10 miles to my normally 15-mile a.m. commute.