Do You Wanna Wride?

72Whether you’re a reader who’s just thought about coming along or one who’s been on any of my weekend rides these last few Saturdays and Sundays, I wanted to post this up to let you know what I’m planning for this coming Saturday, May 30:

The Frank Lloyd Wride — Hollywood Session

Very brief backstory: A long while back I got the hairbrained idea to bike from Duarte in the San Gabriel Valley to Malibu, visiting all of Wright’s creations along the way (there’s eight or nine). But because I’m prone to occasional moments of clarity and common sense, that ride never happened.

Thankfully a nicely manageable number of Wright’s residences are relatively close together in Hollywood: Ennis House, Freeman House, Storer House and Hollyhock House.

And while I’ve gotta rub some brain cells together and get a route and time-frame logisticated, basically it’s going to involve visits to those four domiciles. But what I’d also like to include is stops at the Monastery of the Angels because I’m jonesing for loaf of the Hollywood nuns’ famed pumpkin bread, as well as breakfast at Musso & Franks before finishing things off at Hollyhock House in Barnsdall Park because it just so happens that guided tours are offered there.

So the itinerary will go a little something like this:

Unlike all the reading out of a book I did on the Black Dahlia/West Adams ride, I ain’t going goofy with the blah blah this time around (is that cheering I hear?). At most I’ll have basic info about the landmarks, so if you wanna know more you’re on your own.

We’ll meet at the usual place: Silversun Plaza at Sunset and Parkman in Silver Lake. But the time is going to be later than usual. Instead of a 7:30 a.m. start, I’m leaning more towards a 9 a.m. departure.

Last but not least: I’ll be mothballing my singlespeeder and dusting off my multi-geared roadbike for this trek, because there be some hills to be cranked getting up to them there historic abodes. So bring your climbing legs.

And yeah, I’m pretty sure there’ll be a limited number of spoke cards.

PS. Did you know you can’t spell Hollywood without two Ls, an O a Y and a D? Now ya do! Crazy, Wright!?