Did It: I Biked Every DAY In MAY

There were 31 days this month and as promised I got on my bike for work or play (or both) on every single one of them for a  total of 849.115 miles — a new single-month distance record, breaking my previous mark of 717.860 miles set in October 2008. Tell ya what… I’m feeling mighty redeemed for the relatively poor numbers (413) posted in April.

But I’m also not immune from thinking “If I’d just biked an average of five miles more each day, I would’ve busted into four-digit territory.” Yep, there is no end to the madness.

But hey, there are worse things to be addicted to. Like meth, or romance novels.

After the jump, here’s what all that pedaling looks like from the log sheet I meticulously keep and update daily:

May 1
Roundtrip Work Commute
29.557 miles (YTD 2189.024/2318.695)
Notes: Ninth flat going into work this morning — my fault: I over-inflated the front tube with a new floor pump I bought. Gah! Tenth flat on the way home from a previously patched tube. Double gah!

May 2
Around The Griffith Park Horn Ride
20.727 miles (YTD 150.398/2339.442)

May 3
Verdugo Mountains Beaudry Loop
5.844 miles (YTD 156.242/2345.266)

May 4
Roundtrip Work Commute
31.144 miles (YTD 2220.168/2376.410)

May 5
Roundtrip Work Commute
31.338 miles (YTD 2251.506/2407.748)

May 6
Roundtrip Work Commute
32.031 miles (YTD 2283.537/2439.779)

May 7
Roundtrip Work Commute
30.496 miles (YTD 2314.033/2470.275)

May 8
Roundtrip Work Commute
29.724 miles (YTD 2343.757/2499.999)

May 9
The “Not The L.A. Marathon Bike Tour” Ride
37.492 miles (YTD 193.734/2537.491)

May 10
The 10K Loop
6.203 miles (YTD 199.937/2543.694)

May 11
Roundtrip Work Commute
29.769 miles (YTD 2373.526/2573.463)

May 12
Roundtrip Work Commute
33.407 miles (YTD 2406.933/2606.870)
Notes: Includes morning visit to Good Samaritan Hospital’s 6th-Annual Blessing of the Bicycles.

May 13
Roundtrip Work Commute
31.216 miles (YTD 2438.149/2638.086)

May 14
“Bike To Work Day” Roundtrip Work Commute
42.034 miles (YTD 2480.183/2680.120)

May 15
Roundtrip Work Commute
30.594 miles (YTD 2510.777/2710.714)

May 16
Ten Bridges Ride
21.509 miles (YTD 221.446/2732.223)

May 17

The 10K Loop
6.203 miles (YTD 227.649/2738.426)

May 18
Roundtrip Work Commute
32.181 miles (YTD 2542.958/2770.607)

May 19
Roundtrip Work Commute
30.197 miles (YTD 2573.155/2800.804)

May 20
Roundtrip Work Commute
31.318 miles (YTD 2604.473/2832.122)

May 21
Roundtrip Work Commute
31.268 miles (YTD 2635.741/2863.390)

May 22
Roundtrip Work Commute
35.653 miles (YTD 2671.394/2899.043)

May 23
Black Dahlia/Historic West Adams Mosey Ride
25.344 miles (YTD 252.993/2924.387)

May 24
Memorial Ride
32.854 miles (YTD 285.847/2957.241)

May 25
LA Marathon Bike Tour
33.872 miles (YTD 319.719/2991.113)

May 26
Roundtrip Work Commute

30.341 miles (YTD 2701.735/3021.454)
Notes: With today’s ride I shattered — and counting — my previous mileage month record of 717.860 miles set in October 2008.

May 27
Roundtrip Work Commute
31.592 miles (YTD 2733.327/3053.046)

May 28
Roundtrip Work Commute
31.442 miles (YTD 2764.769/3084.488)

May 29
Roundtrip Work Commute
29.932 miles (YTD 2794.701/3114.420)

May 30
The Frank Lloyd Wride Ride
17.630 miles (YTD 337.349/3132.050)

May 31
The 10K Loop
6.203 miles (YTD 343.552/3138.253)

May Total: 849.115 miles
A new single-month distance record

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