Ergo, Ego

Fun with captions:


In the above image by AP Photographer Richard Vogel of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa discussing the city’s new $7-billion budget while backed-up by a squad of Los Angeles City Firefighters now forced by department cuts to do double duty as unpaid bodyguards, Villaraigosa is shown:

  1. Demonstrating how big his ego used to be?
  2. In mid-applause after introducing his new former Miss-USA girlfriend who just happens to be another telejourno like the last one?
  3. Approximating the width of a Class II bike lane while admitting he doesn’t know much about them?
  4. Launching into a rousing rendition of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”
  5. Asking for a hug?
  6. Telling an unidentified member of the press “”Now go get yer fuckin’ shinebox!”

Provide answers and other captions in the comments.