Thanks to Shadow’s extended (and long-overdue) visit to the dog groomer yesterday, she now looks great but I ended up being about an hour late to the Hot Dog Death March (HDDM) festivities that began at Pink’s on La Brea. Fortunately I arrived in the nick of time to enter my  submission in the Hot Dog Haiku contest, which went on to win a runner-up award and  went a little sumpthin’ like dis:

Hebrew National
Answers to a higher source
“God” is “dog” backwards

The lateness of my arrival and the perpetually preposterous line at Pink’s precluded my patronage, but I ended up giving in to the temptations of Oki-Dog’s namesake menu item, followed up with an order of tasty Skooby fries and a glass of some of the best lemonade in the world. This on top of my visit with Susan to Blue Star Restauarant for an encore of their Shield’s Dateburger left me in no need for dinner.

And I wasn’t the only one to bike the march! My friend and fellow Great L.A. walker Joni, traversed the route on two wheels, as did a fellow from downtown coincidentally named William. Thanks to Joni getting us together in front of Scooby’s on Hollywood Boulevard for a snapshot, here we are below with my fellow L.A. Metbloggers and HDDM organizers extraordinaire Julia and Lucinda Michele (from left: William, Julia, Lucinda Michele, me (wearing my haiku prize), and Joni):


An awesome great time and hotdogs were had by all!

Here’s my photoset on Flickr.