Looks Like Bink’s Got Some Company

Our cat Bink is somewhere approaching his fourth month of self-imposed outdoor exile — this despite our best failed efforts to trap him a couple weekends ago utilizing the old baited-crate-balanced-on-a-stick-tied-with-string routine.

He knows where home is and sticks close by and we see him pretty regularly either live or pixelized when his image gets captured nabbing a bite to eat on the PatioCam. He looks healthy and no worse for wear, but he’s still just not at all interested in rejoining his family indoors.

And now that we’ve got a crew back for a couple weeks to soffit up the central air/heating ducts and finish some other stuff, it looks like that’s going to continue to be the status quo for the time being and once that’s done we’re going to have to put away the amateur attempts to catch him and go with some sort of official spring trap because all the waiting and all the string yanking just ain’t gonna cut it.

In the meantime, here’s the latest webcam snapshot of him made this eeeeearly morning at the patio table buffet we leave out for him — oh wait, that’s not Bink cleaning the bowls, that’s Rocky: