Our Fourth Batchelder

After sitting unused for more than 18 months, I finally broke out the electric tiller I bought for Susan two christmases ago (because she wanted one, not because I’m the kind of oaf to get my beloved a yard machine!) and put it to work breaking up the patch of hardpacked earth at the northwest corner of the front yard where we used to stow the garbage cans.

It worked way better than expected and in the course of my tilling I dug up a whole buncha stuff: an old rain gutter downspout, a rusted door latch, a variety of bits of rebar, old nails, broken glass, and another Batchelder tile (bottom right) to add to our tiny collection.

I found the other three a couple years ago digging in the backyard. With yesterday’s discovery I’d bet beneath the surface of the northside garden there are others. But then I thought the same thing about the backyard and there’s been none others found since.

But the even greater mystery is what they were used for: a fireplace surround? A kitchen backsplash?