A Coke & A Smile

In addition to the broken window, another project I’ve long been meaning to do is widen the narrow section of slopeing walkway at the top of the steps. Seriously there’s only been a couple feet of width between the planter box and the lantana hedge bordered by some river rocks where the concrete meets the dirt , so today I busted out the shovel and as is regularly the case in the course of my excavations, dug up an entirely intact 8-ounce Coca-Cola bottle that had been buried about a foot down.

What barely was left of the logo was white (and that came off in the cleaning). The bottle bottom is embossed with “Fresno, Calif” (indicative of Coke’s Fresno bottling facility) and some other insignia and numbers, but nothing that would clue me as to how old it might be (other than the 10-plus years its been underground.

Comparing it to another 8-ounce Coke bottle I have I noted how much greener this one’s glass is. Maybe that’s a clue. But for now, it’s just another acquisition for my Gallery of Backyarchaeology, though I guess I should call this Frontyarchaeology.

As to widening the walkway? Here’s how things ended up: