I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Meeeeee

Way back a couple or so months ago during the ongoing remodeling project, Ranger got a little defensive against one of the electricians working outside and lunged against the lower pane in the corner window of the library and it cracked.

Ranger was uninjured, thankfully. But since then the window’s been left in its broken state. Well today, I put on my thick gloves and broke out all the bits, but until we get a window repairman out here (or try to do it ourselves) I went ahead and outfitted it with a piece of cardboard.

Then, not wanting just a piece of cardboard looking even more white trash than a bunch of cracked glass hanging there I found a favorite image I took back in 2002 or so of one of the L.A. Zoo’s gray wolves, blew it up, printed it out on several sheets of paper and mounted it to the cardboard.