The New Golf Card’s Here! The New Golf Card’s Here!

I’ve been an L.A. City golf course reservationista pretty much for as long as I’ve been a bad golfer, which takes us on a trip via the wayback wagon to 2002.

In all that time, the city-issued cards have been pretty much the ugliest most utilitarian things I’ve ever carried in my wallet, compounded hilariously by the graphic which depicts a duffer whose crotch-level hand location allows one to easily mistake him to be fighting with his fly rather than putting to save par.

But not anymore! As evidenced via my expiring one up top and the new one that came in the mail yesterday below, clearly even in these troubled economic times someone in the Recreation & Parks Department either found the greens fees needed to hire a graphic artist or maybe had a cousin and an old version of Photoshop dress up the cards gratis.


Either way: huge improvement — unlike my golf game, which will be in evidence at the Los Feliz 3-par sometime this weekend, perhaps joined by my friend Joseph Mailander if things work out.