Miracle Milestones

One of the truly endearing things about the biking I do is that the locations of many of the milestones I reach are so unsung.  In 2007 I began my 3,000th mile traveling next to Lindberg Park tucked into a quiet little residential enclave of Culver City. Last year, and perhaps most appropriately, my 6,000th mile began after turning the corner from Melrose Avenue onto Hyperion, the intersection that’s pretty much recognized as the ground zero of the city’s burgeoning bike culture movement.

By chance on my lunch break I decided to add up my accumulated miles over these past 33 months, and sure enough I found out that by the time I arrive home tonight I will be at 15,007 miles, which means that my 15,000th mile will be achieved along the way — not on some main thoroughfare or through some famous brightly lighted intersection, but here, perhaps all by myself on sleepy little Cochran Avenue just north of an alley south of Wilshire Boulevard.


It’s a miracle mile in the Miracle Mile.