(You’ll wanna click it for the bigger picture)

Directions: After enjoying turkey and all the fixin’s, and then lighting a campfire, mount a camera on a tripod at Eureka Dunes Thanksgiving Day evening with a waxing gibbous moon behind you. Next point the camera out into the pitch darkness in the general ballpark direction of north over the Last Chance Mountains. Manually focus the lens to just short of infinity and cross your fingers that’s correct. Then open the shutter for the 35 minutes you spend with your Baybee! and your dawg at the roaring flames hypnotized by the dancing licks while soaking in the still and serene solitude of it all as little brown bats dart through the air around you. As the flames start to die down and the cold temps encroach, return to the camera, close the shutter and the above stars-in-the-daylight illusion is what you get. Savor and enjoy.

Loads of other pix shot at much faster shutter speeds are here in this set on Flickr.