This Morning’s Left Hook Brought To You By The U.S. Army

This past week or so I’ve been testing out a pair of sunglasses that have a built-in video camera. Pretty low-rent James Bond type stuff. The 320-x240 footage leaves lots to be desired and so does the audio — all the worse to low-quality immortalize a Venice Boulevard incident this morning on my bike commute to work in which a motorist couldn’t be bothered to look around to make sure he could turn left safely, much less actually yield for any cross traffic, which at that moment was basically me: a worthless invisible commie bicyclist.

Fortunately, since I am able to mentally bike about 0.65 seconds into the future, I saw the left-hook just shortly after he commenced it and was able to slow down from 12mph to 11mph and thus avoid t-boning the bastard.

Over the wind against the mic as he fires across my bow you’ll hear me admire his idiocy with “That’s so fuckin’ awesome” before I yell “You super idiot!” after him as he pulls into the adjacent strip mall he was in such a hurry to get to, but after that I opted to be nothing more than exasperatedly civil when he exited the vehicle (and in Army Airborne uniform, no less). He listened to me call out his fail in an oddly mute an unapologetic fashion and then I got the hell on my way urging him to be careful.

PS. Pay no attention to the vid’s date/time stamp. I can’t change it until I plug the Mac-unfriendly glasses-cam into a Windows PC and run some sort of .exe program.