Next — Perhaps Last Of The Year — In My Occasional Series Of Stray Dog Chronicles

Seeing as today’s bike commute would mark my 200th of the year, I didn’t let a little  morning rain dampen my desire to pedal to that milestone and to work (OK, it was more than a little; I was drenched by the time I got to Westchester).

Were I made of less water-tolerant stuff I would have driven, and in the course of doing so missed out on the chance to show a little love to a big bundle of bubbadawg just south of Ballona Creek..

Sporting a worn collar, but no tags I found him wandering seemingly aimlessly on Mesmer Avenue in the Mar Vista neighborhood (or maybe it’s Del Rey, hard to say). He seemed in good health, but not at all interested in being buddy-buddy. As you can see in the video below, he did however beeline it across the street to gobble up every bit of the stash of kibble I carry with me just in case of these meetings.

Hopefully his peeps are somewhere nearby within the surrounding residential area and they will be reunited. Hopefully.