This Question Will Be On The Final

Pop Quiz Hotshot: You’re on a two-laner heading through a residential area deep in the westside of Los Angeles. As you can see from the first frame in the clip below directly ahead of you are parked cars on your right, there’s a speed hump, and for good measure you’ve got that trash truck parked and blocking the opposite lane to your left. Best of all, unseen is the white Hummer H3 coming up behind you piloted by an appropriately inconsiderate driver who is of course hand-dialing a number on his mobile phone as he keeps coming despite you rightfully moving into the traffic lane to the left of the parked cars. Trouble is, even if he wanted to be courteous and safe (which he doesn’t) and swing out around you the trash truck’s position prevents that, and his over-active sense of superiority coupled to an overtly ignorant sense of roadway entitlement keeps him from slowing down and waiting the few seconds it would take for you to clear the parked cars and bear over to the right.

So, what do you do? What. Do. You. Do.

Hit the play button and bring him, all slo-mo and shit.
Answer after the jump.


Answer: You smile smugly as the dickbag passes since you were smart and wary and on alert, picking him up in your helmet-mounted rearview mirror like a bogey on your six long before he could become a problem or a surprise. Duly warned and informed, but with no bailout option you quickly clear both parked cars of driver-side occupants and hug tight to them — a really good decision since when he passes you’re able to reach out without fully extending your left arm and drag your left middle finger (and all that symbolizes) along the passenger side of his piece of shit pseudo econo barge as it passes less than two feet away.

Bonus question: Do you catch up with him and berate his ass?

Answer: Nah. You let him go because you just don’t have to educate every idiot.