My Camera Does Not Discriminate

It is in the interest of fairness and balance that I post these two slow-mo clips from this morning’s ride. Submitted for your perusal, the following bits of video are a demonstration not only that I can recognize and applaud the good behavior I encounter on the road, but also that I’m not afraid to call bullshit on the bad behavior cyclists perpetrate as well.

Exhibit A: I am particularly impressed at how the cyclist you’ll see can’t even wait until the cross traffic has passed and instead has to shamelessly inch out into lanes before the southbound motorist clears the intersection, thus elevating my disdain and enthusiastically reinforcing the belief that cyclists are self-entitled scofflaws. PS. The light turned green about 30 seconds later.

Exhibit B: Only a few blocks west of the redrunner shown above, I approached a two-way-stop intersection in which the right of way was mine. After stopping, the driver of the red minivan that you’ll see starts to proceed north, but upon seeing me decides against gunning it across (which there was ample room to do), and instead to considerately wait for me to pass. PS. I waved my appreciation as I crossed.