Hawks & Redrunners

I was much more uplifted by the first clip, featuring what I expect is a protective mama Cooper’s Hawk chasing off a nest-encroaching and substantially larger red-tailed hawk that I chanced upon this morning when on 4th Street and Rimpau I heard the telltale Cooper’s laughing call and was able to bring my digicam to bear just as the red-tail decided it was time to go and the Cooper’s hawk gave pursuit:

The second clip  from the lower resolution/quality of my sunglasses cam is a head-shaking compilation of today’s cyclist assbag: a redrunner executing back-to-back light jumps first on Venice Boulevard at Robertson and next at Bagley. Take note of all the extra work he had to do to get across Robertson — arriving on the other side just as the light turns green — an excellent* savings of several precious seconds. I’m a firm believer in not running reds, but if you’re gonna break the law then nut-up and own it. Don’t do all that silly fading in and out between bunny hops and dabs. You just look like lame.

Moving on. Having eliminated said lamer’s overly wrought and hard-fought headstart at Bagley I was then able to immortalize another example of his excellent* Right-U-Right (RUR) technique, wherein to clear the red on Venice he fades onto Bagley, executes what I suppose could qualify as the straightest u-turn ever, then goes right back onto Venice. This is why I hate cyclists:

* And by “excellent” I mean “What the fuck’s your hurry, jerk?”