I knew upon leaving the house yesterday morning the high winds would undoubtedly bring down a substantial measure of the fronds from the smaller of our two backyard palms, which has been long overdue the attentions of a tree trimmer.

Sure enough when I got home last night I found that the blustery day-long blowings conspired with gravity to bring a decent load of the ungainly things to ground, and I spent a chunk of this morning corralling them off the walkway to the side of the yard, where they will then await me and my desire to break them down and dispose of them, probably this weekend.

In an epic duel with the last frond, stuck up in a neighboring tree, I first valiantly attempted to dislodge it with about 20 tosses of a broom. When that finally proved futile, instead of giving up, I tied a long length of old coaxial cable to a rock that I then launched in a trajectory that took it up and over the top of the trapped frond’s shaft and I was able to pull it down where it joined its brethren.

And yes, in triumph I did a fist-pump. I may have even made “crowd goes wild” noises.

But trust me, that won’t be the last time. There are literally scores upon scores more waiting the chance to fall: