First Fleur

I’d wager it was two years ago when the gardening crew that we ultimately fired for using a gas-powered leafblower against our repeated requests not to, helped seal its fate when they apparently mistook this flourishing plant in the frontyard planter box and whacked the hell out of it. That or they just didn’t give a shit what they were destroying.

In the springs since then, it’s put out a minimal amount of delicate blooms, each which last little more than a day or two, and spent most of its time being left alone by us to recover and regrow from the destruction it suffered. And regrow it has. Like crazy. It’s in need of a serious trim, but Susan and I have opted to wait until its bloom period passes.

Found loud and proud this morning that’s the first of what I expect will be a whole bunch of blossoms. I’m not sure of the common name, but I call them rice paper flowers because the petals are literally that delicate and thin.