A Little ‘Possum Love Triangle Drama

Interesting goings-on this morning. First Susan spotted a large opossum heading next door, and later I encountered two large ones at the back of the house who at first seemed to have been startled (perhaps by me) and ran from their cover next door — one through an opening in the fence into our north yard and another along the back of the house next door.

The one in our yard stuck close to the fence and was in no hurry to go anywhere. It also wasn’t all that much bothered with me getting pretty close and photographing it. Was it injured? Didn’t seem like it. Just sorta worn out.

I thought they might all be members of one family, but upon further review when I found a third smaller opossum with one of the larger ones literally lounging in the open grass of the backyard next door, I eventually figured out that they weren’t related. Instead the two larger ones were males who weren’t startled by me but instead were tussling over the smaller one, a female, and the one in our yard was the loser of the battle. Here he is (click for the bigger pictures):

And here’s the happy couple:

And here’s a short vid of the little lady telling the big oaf to slow down:

What an awesome way to start a Saturday!