This Film’s Trailer Made Me Cry Tears Of Joyfulness

From GreenLAGirl’s blog I found it, and also found it will be the headlining film of the upcoming Long Beach Bike Festival.

GreenLAGirl writes:

Riding Bikes with the Dutch — the brainchild of Long Beach resident and filmmaker Michael Bauch — highlights not high-speed bike racing or flashy bike maneuvers, but everyday cycling as a convenient, healthy, and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

In addition to films, the festival will feature everything from Fixed Gear contests to a CYCLESTYLE Fashion Show. Bicyclists and the bike-curious will get to race in a Bike Push/Pull event, play bicycle polo, take a 30 mile “see cruise” ride around Long Beach, bid on bike-centric art works created by artists at the Plein Air Bicycle Painting event — and enjoy general festivities and merrymaking with food, music, bike-friendly vendors, and more.