Watts Up!

The next in my May series of Saturday rides is upon us, and will convene in a couple hours for a 10 a.m. departure from the SilverSun strip mall at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Parkman Avenue.

Suffice it to say that by the time the entire epic 32-plus mile ride is completed, those who do the entire route with me will be sick of my voice from the ridiculous amount of notes I have compiled and will recite at the following stops:

  • Nobel Peace Prize Winner Ralph Bunche’s childhood home
  • The location of the 1969 Shootout between LAPD and Black Panthers at Black Panther Part headquarters
  • The Dunbar Hotel and the Central Avenue Jazz Corridor
  • The site of the 1974 shootout between SLA members and the LAPD
  • The site of the arrest that set off the 1965 Watts Riots
  • The home of Eula Love
  • Flashpoint of the 1992 LA Riots
  • Site of Wrigley Field

If you might be  wondering why the Watts Towers isn’t on that list it’s because tours and info are available there for anyone interested and thus I don’t have to utter a single dang word about the inspiring landmark that to me signifies the true heart of Los Angeles. I will blessedly also have nothing to say about our last stop for food at King Taco on Washington Boulevard, other than “Two carne asada tacos and a large horchata please!”

Spokecards are ready. Now I’m off to prep my bike and pack. Hope to see some of you later!