Bike Around And Work Day

You may or may not have known that I’m now an official full-time telelcommuter. Have been for about two weeks. As such the distance now required to get to work has been reduced severely, roughly 15 miles to 15 feet — and no, I don’t bike from the bedroom to my desk… mainly because there are stairs involved.

It is an awesomely wonderful situation, but nonetheless in the blink of an eye the 150 miles I’d normally be biking each week has vanished, and in that interim I’ve not yet geared up to do early morning or late afternoon rides for something commonly known as “fun” (although that’s something I almost always considered my work commute to be). I expect that will be changing shortly with rides around Griffith Park and the LA River

It’s amazing how easy it was for me to bike 30 miles a day to and from the office, and how hard it is to get out at dawn or dusk (or even lunchtime) for a recreational ride.

So for Bike To Work Day tomorrow, no I’m not going to do some ceremonial ride around the block in my briefs and a t-shirt . Instead I’m going to load up my laptop and my AT&T wifi thingy and my cell phone and go velotastically mobile, setting up shops at various places around town. I’m calling it “Bike Around And Work Day.”

Among the places you’ll more than likely find me at some point but for either the entire day or for as long as it takes me to curse my crappy wifi connection and go somewhere else:

  • The LA River
  • Cafecito Organico
  • Hollyhock House grounds
  • Griffith Park
  • Tarascos

Or if I want to broaden the horizons maybe I’ll start the day atop Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook and work my way back up into town for lunch and the afternoon at Farmers Market. We’ll see.

UPDATE (5.20): Well that was a total fail. An announcement this morning of  1 p.m. conference call left me fretting that wherever I might be out in the city might find me in a bad cellphone zone, so I ended up working from the home office all day.