On the first of this month I posted an itty bitty bit of video of the hummingbird and nest Susan found high up in the laurel tree overhanging our front yard. A couple days earlier I posted better ones over at LA Metblogs. In the days since we’ve been monitoring the mama and her eggs’ progress, and so far all has been good with no teeny tiny baby beaks have been seen poking out of the nest.

At the rear of the house in the tree central to our backyard — most recently made famous here in April for its busy bushtit nest (now empty that the chicks have fledged) — I’ve been close-range buzzed by another hummingbird several times, and when the last divebomb happened this morning I commented to Susan that there must be another nest nearby.

Well sure enough, I just happened to look in the right place today and voila there it was in a bough practically at eye-level from where I stood. Empty of mom at that moment, I ran in grabbed the cam to get shots of the eggs and nest, like so, using a pencil eraser to give a sense of scale (click to biggify):

Yeah, those two little eggs aren’t much bigger than the pencil’s eraser. Amazing!

This isn’t my first hummingbird nest. In June of 2007 I worried myself sick keeping eyes on a pair of hummingbird chicks safe from our cats after they ended up on the patio several times when they were trying get their wings working.

Here we go again!

UPDATED (1:58 p.m.): Mama came back and didn’t freak out with me about 6 feet away with the big camera (click to biggify). Wonderous. Joyous. Magnificence.