Finally! You don’t have to take my word for it that the sunflower seedlings have sprouted. As you can see from the tiny green things seen in the webcam still above there’s visual evidence as to their existence. As of last count, a pretty amazing 74 78 of the 100 seeds planted in the patch proper have poked up out of the soil (with something like five of them having been feasted upon to varying degrees by unseen insects). In addition, the foreground gap between the river rocks and the beam is home to¬† nine other up-‘n-comers that have pretty much been left alone by the bugs. There’s also close to a dozen out of frame to the right that just keep growin’ along.

Now if we could just shake off this June gloom and get some serious sunshine for these guys to climb towards, but strangely enough… the most shaded row in the back is the one moving the fastest.

In other news, the original backyard patch is home to 18 more, 13 of which are living larger having been planted a couple weeks earlier than those in Coyote Corner.