I got on my bike yesterday for the rare commute to work in Westchester and back. Something I used to do on average 200-plus times a year, I now only have had to do twice since May 1, when I became a full-time telecommuter.

It’s pretty amazing what new things I discovered. There are sharrows on the streets, I found them on 4th Street between Commonwealth and Wilton. The Ballona Creek Bikeway entrance at Duquesne in Culver City has been fully renovated with fresh landscaping, and its decrepit chainlink fence has been refreshed with a stylish new barrier and gateway. Several streets have either been repaved and/or resurfaced.

Such awesome stuff is a reminder of how things can change when you turn your back for a moment couple months.

For the ride I also donned my sunglasses cam and at the corner of Venice and La Cienega boulevards captured a reminder of all the street theater I’ve been missing as well. Check out this foolish OG putting on an impromptu crosswalk performance while we all waited for a passing firetruck to clear the intersection (it’s particularly endearing when he mimes raising and pointing a rifle at the oncoming  fire engine):