Squirrels Bite

I know, I know… The reasoning part of me understands that I can’t grow a sunflower patch for any specific creature. You can only do so much to protect it and the rest is mainly hoping for the best — and even when they get destroyed you try to recognize that the flowers aren’t going to waste. They are providing nourishment to something in the food chain.

But, gawdammit. When my biggest and best bloom gets pilfered — the one that  I’ve been guarding and glorying in gets bitten off by one of our marauding squirrels, but it’s too big to carry so instead it just  gets dropped to the ground like its hot — it’s enough to make the Yosemite Sam in me  wanna load up the pellet gun, set up the decapitated head out in the open and shoot the first dozen flippy fluffy-tailed rodents that dares show themselves in my sights trying to come get it.

Come git sum and you’ll git sum you mangy varmints!


But instead, I’ve put the flower in some nutrient-enriched water in what’s probably a silly attempt to keep it alive for the bees for whom I hoped it would have been destined.