Next In An Overdone Series: Sunflower With Bee

Just can’t help myself from sharing when I find a nice still from the timelapses I do of the sunflowers in my backyard patch (click it for the bigger picture):

As to why I timelapse? It’s all part of making my voluntary observations for the Great Sunflower Project more efficient. Rather than physically park myself in front of a chosen flower for a 30-minute interval (when I should be working), I let my camera capture whatever activity occurs for review at a later time. In the words of Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady,” how conveeeeeeeeeenient!.

PS. That round rusted thing hanging in the background on the well-weathered northside fence post was unearthed by me during some of my previous backyarchaeological excavations. I think it’s something related to a brake system from some old jalopy that was parked back here before the garage got built in 1916, but if anyone eyeballing it has a more-informed idea I’d love to hear it.