We bought a new froguarium for our froggies last weekend, because after I cleaned it on Saturday it sprung a leak — a slow one, but a leak nonetheless. So we went to a pet shop on Hillhurst in Los Feliz Village and got a new one… only to find it was a muzzafuzzin’ leaker, too. So I did what I should’ve done in the first place and applied some sealant to the first one — successfully! — and back the frogs went into their old tank. Instead of returning the new one, I ran a couple beads of sealant around its underside and fixed it, too. So now the froggies are back in their new digs, and the old tank’s sitting out on the potting table in the backyard. Inside it is the old circulating pump because we also bought a new one of those when we bought the new tank.

You’re probably not like me in that if you have an old circulating pump hanging around the house you just let it hang around the house. Or throw it out. Me, if I happen to have an old circulating pump  hanging around the house I want to put it to use as the heart of a tabletop water feature.

So I did. On my lunchbreak today.  Using a plastic plant box, an old watering can, and decorated with  some roadside granite pieces we picked up on the highway in to Yosemite last December. a couple river rocks, and a trio of little square pots that had been languishing. The water gets pushed from the plant box into the watering can, and comes out splashing on and off a chunk of quartzy something that’s been in the backyard for as long as I can remember. Oh and it’s balanced by a plant that I’d adopted and cared for at the office and brought with me when I started working from home. Check it out:

I’m pretty dang proud of it.