Restoration Near Belmont Station

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The extensive clean-up and return of this mural  — “La Ofrenda” by Yreina Cervantes — to its 1989 glory isn’t new. It’s been minus the layers of tags that obliterated its lower half and back to its original self for well over a month now (at least). I would have posted about it sooner, but when I first discovered it in September the mural had already been hit again by some respectless spraycanhobag rat bastards. Oops, I mean “misunderstood disenfranchised youths.”

Biking up 2nd Street out of downtown I past it under the Beverly Boulevard Bridge on my way home from the office today, and stopped to find that minor abomination blessedly removed.


This mural features Delores Huerta, a founder of the UFW, and is an homage to the strength of Latino women. It brings attention to the hardships of war and immigration, while highlighting the life and hope that endures through these struggles. The mural features a poem by Gloria Alvarez, and the bottom section, painted entirely with spray cans, was designed and executed by her youth apprentices recruited from the Belmont Tunnel, an active graffiti yard across the street.