What a coincidence… Literally the same freakin’ day I post about the good that can come from showing a little restraint toward the inconsiderati, Susan got home from work to find she couldn’t get into the garage thanks to the asshole who parked his or her Dodge Charger like so:

Gone immediately was any benefit of doubt. I put the “no” in note-leaving and taught the lesson the hard way. An hour later the car was still there, but then again so was a parking enforcement officer citing it and a police garage impound tow truck. A few minutes later both the truck and the suck were gone.

UPDATE (10.26): At 7:15 a.m. I went down to get the paper and was approached by two women asking if I’d towed a car yesterday. “Absolutely,” I replied. Mostly relieved that her car hadn’t been stolen, one of the women went on to say she fully believed when she’d parked the car there (more than 13 hours previously) she’d been “fully along the curb.” I pointed out o her the relatively prominent garage half-blocked by the large portion of her car that most decidedly wasn’t along the curb, but that didn’t seem to make a difference to her and instead she “forgave” me because I didn’t know she was a neighbor… as if had I been privy o’ that bit of information towing her car would’ve been wrong and it would’ve instead been incumbent of me to seek her out and request she relocate it. People, man.