Rockin’ Arroyo

So for my Go Pro Hero cam’s inaugural run I got off the beaten path this Halloween morning… quite literally. Venturing from Silver Lake to Chinatown I got onto the largely unkown ped/bike way that parallels the 110 freeway and then ventured down to the LA River “bed,” where my proximity to its confluence with the Arroyo Seco drew me to pedal up stream until I acquired the far more official and infinitely smoother-paved Arroyo Seco Bikeway.

Unfortunately the cam’s memory filled up just prior to me reaching the bikepath’s northernmost access point… which means to paraphrase Chief Brody “We’re gonna need a bigger SD card,” because my 4-gig storage unit ain’t gonna cut it. I’m thinking 12-gigs would be better suited to enable the timelapse chronicling of the entirety of such 26-mile rides and not just what amounts to basically the first third, as follows:

I do hereby officially proclaim the Arroyo Seco to be fully navigable by bike (though a fat-tire ride with a suspension might be the better choice of transports over the bed’s moderately rugged and uneven terrain).

PS. In case the Quicktime file above doesn’t show up and/or play, I’m in the slow process of uploading the file to YouTube and hope to have that link up presently. Ahhh, here it is now: