A ‘Pilar Of The Community

With my morning wide open yesterday I found a bike rental place near the hotel and took a self-powered 3-hour cruise of discovery around lovely San Antonio. I visited the San Fernando Cathedral, the amazing King William Historic Residential District, the remarkable Mission Concepcion, a nice stretch of the city’s famed River Walk, and more of The Alamo. All told I tooled around town about 14.5 miles, and at about the 11-mile mark I rolled past a huge caterpillar trying to crawl its way across the road.

Helpless not to get involved, I pulled the bike over to the shoulder, but had to watch as a large truck barreled past the bug with but a few inches to spare — the breeze from it enough to spin the critter around a leave it crawling back from where it had come. After a couple failed attempts I managed to scoop it up and before depositing it into the grass off the shoulder, I snapped this pic, despite it thanking me for the assist by nibbling on my knuckles (click for the bigger picture):

My photoset from the rest of the excursion are here on Flickr.